Abbotswood Potentilla

Abbotswood Potentilla


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An American Native Smothered in White Flowers

  • Tough Native Shrub
  • Three Seasons Of Flowers
  • Disease And Pest Resistant
  • Tolerant Of Any Soil

As a gardener you know that there is that bump of time in your landscape right between the fade of the spring flowers and the flush of summer blossoms where things just aren’t blooming.

That is exactly when Potentilla Abbotswood absolutely covers itself in white blossoms! It often looks like a mound of snow from a distance it is so white and so completely covered. After this big show, Abbotswood blooms consistently (though not as prolifically) for the rest of the summer until frost.

Potentilla (known to your Grandma as a Cinquefoil) is a shrub that has been in America since before America was the good ol’ U S of A. This family of shrubs has survived here for so long because they are super hardy, flower prolifically and are disease and pest resistant to the max.

They typically have yellow flowers, but the Abbotswood Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa ‘Abbotswood’) is covered in glowing, single, white flowers. It thrives in just about any soil from southern Canada to Northern Texas. It grows naturally in bogs, so go ahead and plant it in that nasty wet spot in your yard…or plant it in your hot rock garden, if you want. It will show off either way.

It drops its leaves in the winter and should be cut back to the ground every year to help it rejuvenate and keep a nice form for the next year.

Buy Potentilla Abbotswood for the amazing flowers, but love it for its super easy care. Order yours now!

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