Affaire Tulip

Affaire Tulip


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Affair Tulip’s Dashing White Petals Edged in Magenta

  • Triumph Tulip
  • White Petals with Magenta Margins
  • Tall, Strong Stems
  • Romantic and Elegant
  • Great in Containers

Are you ready for an affair with Affaire Tulips (Tulipa ‘Affaire’)? Well, the French word “affaire” really translates to “case,” so maybe it’s more accurate to say it’s an open and shut case that the Affaire Tulip is both captivating and stunning. With white petals outlined by vibrant magenta-violet margins, this Triumph Tulip is a favorite among florists and brides.

The Affaire Tulip has a habit of pulling at the heartstrings. Maybe because its petals look so soft and luxurious, or maybe because its coloration is truly one-of-a-kind. No matter the reason, it earns the love and adoration gardeners shower upon it.

This tall tulip’s petals feature perfect painterly markings, highlighting the subtle ruffle of each individual petal. These pink and white blooms pop against any plant or backdrop, especially when planted in groupings. This lovely violet and white tulip adds height, drama, and mystique to flower arrangements.

The Affaire Tulip can stand up and stand out as a middle-row planting in a garden bed or foundation planting. It’s also a priceless addition to cutting gardens. This impressive plant prefers showing off in full sun. Like other tulip varieties, it naturalizes and doubles every few years, so you can expect more and more opportunities to admire these large blooms.

If you’ve got a case of tulip love, then you should consider an affair with the Affaire Tulip. Fall is the perfect time to bury your love just in time for it to erupt mid-spring. Worried your other flowers will be jealous? Don’t worry. It’s natural. They’ll learn they’ll receive more attention in the presence of this stunner. Order a pack of Affaire Tulips today!

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Affaire Tulip – 10 pack bulbs