Alaskan Aurora Tulip/Daffodil Mix

Alaskan Aurora Tulip/Daffodil Mix


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Soft Purple of the Alaskan Aurora Tulip/Daffodil Mix

  • Fragrant
  • Mix of Purple and White
  • Excellent Cut Flowers

Mixing bulbs is a wonderful way to get a variety of color and texture but it can be difficult getting the right variety of either. Don’t worry, the Alaskan Aurora Tulip/Daffodil Mix is the perfect combination if you’re looking for soft colors to accent your garden!

This mix has two different types of flowers in two different colors. The Flaming Flag Tulip, Tulipa Flaming Flag’, gives you the classic tulip cup shape with white and lavender streaks throughout. It’s accented by Thalia Daffodils, Narcissus Thalia’, which are a pure white. Together they make a lovely display of soft purple for your garden.

Both the tulips and daffodils make excellent cut flowers as their blossoms stand atop strong stems. Don’t wait another season to have these beauties in your yard, order a pack of Alaskan Aurora Tulip/Daffodil Mix bulbs today!

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Alaskan Aurora TulipDaffodil Mix – 15 Pack Bulbs