American Arborvitae

American Arborvitae


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Elegant, Easy Privacy Tree

This is the classic American Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis ‘American’. It brings an easy care elegance to your landscape, with it’s feathery foliage and crisp good looks.

This evergreen requires practically no maintenance and maintains its beautiful pyramidal shape and fluffy texture throughout its life. You can shear it to keep it small, or allow it to grow to it’s natural height.

For a living privacy screen, plant several of them in a staggered row 9 feet apart on center. Plant one on either side of an entryway, or in the corner of a house to instantly ground it into your landscape.

It also makes an outstanding specimen tree that works hard all year long. Pop a fabulous fall color shrub and ornamental grass in front of it for an effective display. It also blends well with other evergreens.

The American Arborvitae stands straight and tall wherever you plant it. Get yours today. Buy American!

  • Privacy Tree
  • Tall and Elegant
  • Easy Care
  • Windbreak

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