American Beech

American Beech


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A Stately Legacy American Beech Tree

  • Outstanding Native Proudly Offered by Nature Hills
  • Long Lived Tree
  • Dark Green, Highly Textured Leaves are Instantly Recognizable
  • Coppery Golden-Bronze Autumn Color
  • Distinctive, Smooth, Gray Bark
  • Beautiful, Wide-Spreading Branches
  • Generations Have Carved Their Initials on Beech
  • Naturalize on Larger Properties
  • Large-Scale Specimen
  • Valuable Wood
  • Excellent Wildlife Tree
  • Edible Beech Nuts

Thoughtful property owners are seeking native trees to increase property value and provide a beneficial environmental impact. The majestic American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) offers shade, shelter and a fantastic shape.

Enjoy the familiar stout trunk and spreading crown. You’ll instantly recognize the large, glossy leaves with their prominent parallel veins and fine-textured saw-tooth margins.

The dark green, leathery leaves have a coarse, irregular margin and striking texture. You’ll love their dense shade all summer.

In fall, American Beech delivers an impressive display of coppery-gold autumn foliage. Wintertime brings another contrast, with sweetly marcescent faded leaves that cling to the muscular, bare branches all season.

Generations of Americans have carved their initials into the smooth gray bark (although we advise against this quant practice). Settlers knew that there was rich farmland wherever they saw these noble trees.

Long-lived American Beech grows in a variety of conditions, including partial shade. It prefers rich, moist, alluvial soils that drain quickly but receive plenty of moisture.

Beech trees appear powerful with their wide-spreading canopies. They boast a sense of gravitas wherever they are placed. Use them in the proper setting to let their unique dignity shine.

Valuable Beech hardwood is known for its durability. It’s one of the best-burning firewood to be found anywhere.

The triangular Beech nut has great appeal to both wildlife and people as a sweet, nutritious snack when ripe. Trees produce the nuts in a periodic cycle only after they reach maturity.

In a roomy setting, American Beech is one of our outstanding native trees. People cherish these glorious plants for good reason.

Whether grown for beauty or wildlife, Beech is an easy-care, brawny tree with adequate water. We’re proud to grow and sell these exceptional natives.

Order from the experts at Nature Hills today!

How to Use American Beech in the Landscape

Plan for the mature height and width of this tree. Their shallow root systems require well-drained soil that receives enough water to keep a film of moisture, without becoming saturated.

Use one as a specimen in a vista planting in a low-lying pasture. Enjoy the wonderful view from your deck.

Underplant with native shrubs and perennials to bring squirrels, turkey and deer to your property. Mix with Oak for a diverse mast resource.

Young Beech trees are quite shade tolerant, and can become a dominant species in mixed plantings. Manage your timber stand to suit your overall goals for your property.

Use several in a glorious informal grouping and manage them as you wish, whether allowed to naturalize or kept manicured.

Place them along your property line, or in a low-lying “holler” to create a special getaway on your property. Add a picnic area, fire pit or campground placed to the north and east of their shade.

Picnic and camp at least 30 feet away from the canopy of the tree.

American Beech can provide you and your family an unforgettable experience enjoying cozy evenings. You’ll all love studying their robe of fall-bright, colorful leaves at a distance.

These are a marvelous choice as a memorial tree to plant in memory of a loved one.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in full or partial shade. It will require at least four hours of direct sunlight a day.

You might consider planting them in the shade of a tree that will be removed within a decade or so. Young Beech trees are understory trees that adapt to shade, but will outgrow a small space.

As mentioned, proper soil and water will be an important consideration over the life of the tree. The roots need rich tilth that is porous enough to shed water quickly, but remain moist with a slick of hydration.

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch over the roots and spread it to three feet outside the canopy. Add supplemental water as needed in the absence of rainfall.

Prune American Beech in late winter to correct form. Mow or cut around the base as desired to maintain as a specimen.

One of our national treasures, American Beech can live hundreds of years. Order yours today!

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