American Maidenhair Fern

American Maidenhair Fern


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The American Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum pedatum, is a deciduous, clump-forming fern which typically grows 1.5 to 2′ tall and is most frequently found on rich wooded slopes, ravine bottoms and damp shady woods.

American Maidenhair Ferns prefer moist, shady conditions, but will grow in sunnier spots if kept moist. It features finely-textured, somewhat frilly fronds which have curved stalks and are palmately-divided (i.e., fronds divide into finger-like projections).

The Maidenhair will grow in colder areas if the plant has good air circulation. This fern is a perennial and is deciduous in colder climates.

Wiry stems are reddish-brown to black. Crosiers (coiled young fiddleheads) emerge pink in spring. This is a wetlands plant that does not flower or bloom.

The attractive foliage is showcased in container plantings, foundation plantings, and groundcovers.

* This fern is an excellent shade garden plant
* Deer resistant


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American Maidenhair Fern – 5 Inch Container