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Incredible, High Impact Red Leaves Anthurium

  • Showy, Long-Lasting Red Leaf Bracts
  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Gorgeous Large Foliage
  • Hot Tropical Look

For the centerpiece of your indoor garden, the incredible red leaf bracts of Anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum) are hard to beat. Glossy as patent leather, these specialized leaves from 4 – 6 inches wide on 2 – 3 foot tall upright stems.

Best of all, the bracts develop continuously. A long, bright yellow spadice grows from the top. Each beautiful display lasts up to a month!

You’ll get your money’s worth from this beautiful plant. Nicknamed the Tailflower, Flamingo Flower and Pigtail Plant, several Anthurium can be massed together for a memorable gardenscape.

Use these as table decor for special events, or keep them your bedroom for a dash of spice. We’ve seen them used as housewarming and new mother gifts. Just be ready for the compliments!

They’ll love indirect bright light and high humidity settings. With long, clean, strongly veined foliage, the Anthurium looks great in bloom and out. This dramatic selection elevates the look of other houseplants, and can be paired with highly textured foliage plants such as Zebra Plant and Snake Plant.

Does this showstopper look difficult, or hard to grow? The relatively easy care nature of this selection can be our secret.

Keep the soil damp, but never wet. Mist it regularly and set it on a pretty pebble tray to boost indoor humidity. Rotate the plant regularly.

As it grows, it can develop aerial roots, like Orchids do. Keep the crown covered with moist sphagnum moss.

Anthurium is a crown jewel in a houseplant collection. Enjoy the excitement you’ll feel when a new bract appears. Order this magnificent plant today!

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Anthurium – 4 Inch Container