Apeldoorn Tulip

Apeldoorn Tulip


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Delicious Candy-Red Apeldoorn Tulip

  • Darwin Hybrid Tulip
  • Early Bird
  • Even And Vibrant Red Bloom
  • Sophisticated Bloom Form
  • Great In Containers

We’ve seen a lot of tulips–so trust us when we say the Apeldoorn Tulip (Tulipa ‘Apeldoorn’) is one of the most photogenic and glamorous. This alluring tulip would be the lady in red if only it could dance, but boy-oh-boy does it know how to turn heads.

This vision in red gleams as light bounces and plays off its silky, luxurious petals. And its tapered blooms hold tight and compact before unfurling into one of the largest scarlet blooms you can imagine with a bold black heart. And as a Darwin Hybrid Tulip, you can count on it not fading away after just one night–these blooms are known to last and last.

Boasting some of the longest, strongest stems, this variety has the added feature of bi-color interest since their stems are verdant green that fades to brown as they reach the bloom. This trait may seem insignificant, but it adds depth to your flower arrangements and garden. Additionally, you can’t beat their height in flower displays and beds.

These mid-spring blooms cause spectators to stop in their tracks when planted in a bed, as a border, or as a mass planting. No cutting bed is complete without Apeldoorn Tulips. Like other tulips, this one grows best in full sun and will naturalize year after year. To keep these blooms their brightest, separate them as they expand and clump.

This is one of the tallest, brightest, biggest red tulips varieties you’ll find. Need we say more? If you want one of the brightest cardinal red tulips, the Apeldoorn Tulip has your name all over it.

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Apeldoorn Tulip – 10 pack bulbs