Arctic Beauty Kiwi Vine

Arctic Beauty Kiwi Vine


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Smaller, More Flavorful Fruit

Arctic Beauty Female Kiwi Vine, Actinidia Kolomikta – Female, is a great climbing plant that has a lot of appeal!

This vine is grown for its heart-shaped foliage, which opens purple and matures to bright green marked with splashes of white and pink.

‘Arctic Beauty Female’ has flowers, though fragrant, are inconspicuous since they are often hidden by the foliage. One male plant will pollinate 6 female plants.

Greenish-yellow, 1″ long, edible fruits appear on female plants. These grape-like berries, produced by the female plant, are edible and ripen in the fall.

A native of Russia, ‘Arctic Beauty’ produces a smaller fruit with all the great flavor of its bigger cousins!

This species is dioecious, which means that you need separate male and female plants. The male plants reportedly have better leaf variegation than the female plants

The ‘Arctic Beauty Female’ Kiwi will not have fruit unless you have other cultivars or more than three plants – it’s a hit and miss to find if you have male plants or female plants.

It is a fast growing plant that prefers sun to partial shade. It is less invasive than other kiwis.

Arctic Beauty Female Kiwi Vine can be trained to cover a fence or arbor. It can grow to twenty feet, will provide great texture, and adds a wonderful appearance to any landscape!

  • Heart Shaped Variegated Foliage
  • Edible Grape Like Fruit
  • Less Invasive Than Other Kiwi Cultivars

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Arctic Beauty Kiwi Vine – 5 Inch Container