Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant


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Attractive, Undemanding, Vining Foliage Arrowhead Plant

  • Medium to Low Light
  • Trailing Growth Habit
  • Interesting Patterned Leaves
  • Leave Shape Changes With Age

For a fantastic indoor decoration, try the trailing Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum). It is easy to grow – especially in hanging baskets – in medium light. Give it moderate watering to keep it happy.

With gorgeous, white-veined foliage, the Arrowhead Plant is an eye-catching addition to your indoor garden. Also known as the Arrowhead Vine, the plant creeps along the jungle floor in its native setting.

Recreate that experience for your plant to add a strong vertical accent. You can place the growing pot in a plant hanger and suspend it from the ceiling. Try several to create an organic room divider. Or, place one to provide a welcome bit of strategic privacy.

Trail an Arrowhead Plant from the top of a tall bookcase, if you can reach it to give weekly waterings. Keep the water barely moist at all times for the best results.

Or, repot into a larger container with a moss pole. You’ll love the look of this beautiful plant colonizing its surroundings.

There is always something to look at with this plant. New leaves have simple, 3-inch long, dark green leaves with silvery markings at the veins. The shape is strongly arrowhead. As the leaves age, they’ll grow more complex into an open fan with up to 11 leaflets.

If you love houseplants, you’ll need to add this to your collection. Order the Arrowhead Plant today!

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Arrowhead Plant – 4 Inch Container