Aureomarginata Hosta

Aureomarginata Hosta


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Showy, Easy Care Perennial for the Shade Garden

Dreaming of a backyard paradise? Aureomarginata Hosta (Hosta ‘Fortunei Aureomarginata’) is a superb choice to edge garden beds located under small trees such as Western Redbud or Autumn Blooming Cherry.

Use this low maintenance charmer “en masse”. That means it’s best to plant 3, 5, 7 or 9 of these plants in a slightly zig-zagging pattern along the edge of your garden bed. You’ll love the way it will naturalize to form natural drifts under your maturing trees, or along woodland paths.

Forming an upright, vase-like shape with arching, heart-shaped leaves edged in golden margins, this plant will brighten up any shady spot you may have. Every summer, you’ll also be rewarded with lilac colored fairy bell-shaped blossoms that are held high above the leaves.

Low maintenance and compact in size – but not in visual impact. Plant in partial or full shade in any well drained soil for best results.

Varigated foliage is definitely on trend, so gardeners across the country are on the hunt for this variety. Order your today!

  • Gorgeous, Deeply Textured Leaves
  • Easy Care Shade Plant
  • Wonderful Lavender Blooms in Summer

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