Autumn Moor Grass

Autumn Moor Grass


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Tough and Upright Autumn Moor Grass

  • Very Upright
  • Yellow-Green Foliage
  • Black Spikes
  • Large Groundcover

The Grass, ‘Autumn Moor’, Sesleria autumnalis, is very upright.This grass is a tough yet beautiful evergreen with vivid yellow green to almost chartreuse foliage. The attractive flowers grow up to 4″ to 6″ long, and emerge as purplish black upright spikes.

The blades are held erect and become silvery white in late summer to fall. The lime green foliage is ideal for edging. A phenomenal grass to use as a large-scale groundcover, a filler in beds, or as an underplanting for shrubs and trees.

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