Banja Luka Tulip

Banja Luka Tulip


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Riveting Striated Baja Luka Tulip

  • Early Bird Darwin Hybrid Tulip
  • Massive Blossoms
  • Two-Tone Candy Red And Yellow
  • Great In Containers

Be bold. Be daring. Be as unique as the Banja Luka Tulip (Tulipa ‘Banja Luka’). These bright Darwin Hybrid Tulips are renowned for their massive blooms and bright red and yellow color in high-contrast paint stroke.

As a Darwin Hybrid, you also know these goliaths will stand strong even in the roughest spring storms. In fact, they enjoy swaying a soft spring breeze.

Red and yellow just work together–ketchup and mustard, apples and bananas, and the Banja Luka Tulip’s petals. It’s hard to take your eyes off this vibrant high-contrast blossom. Its painterly stripes of red on yellow offer hours of admiration and countless photo opportunities. Each petal features butter-yellow centers that transition to streaks of red with honey edges.

And while these blooms are one-of-a-kind, we can’t rave enough about how strong the Banja Luka Tulip’s stems are. These cherry-and-lemon tulips will give your garden a candy-colored pop and melt heart in flower arrangements.

These mid-spring blooming flowers also burn bright but don’t burn out too fast. You can expect a long-lasting showing from this breathtaking beauty as its petals unfold to reveal a graphic black heart.

The Banja Luka Tulip will pique your neighbor’s interest as a mass planting or border. Plants yours in groups with other spring bulbs. Because of its height, it pairs well with white daffodils and deep red tulips. Be sure these red-hot wonders love full sun.

Get lost in a sea of color with your very own bed of Banja Luka Tulips. Don’t forget your sunglasses because this baby is bright, bright, bright. Order your very own today!

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Banja Luka Tulip – 10 pack bulbs