Baths Pink Dianthus

Baths Pink Dianthus


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Delicate Bloom on Hardy Groundcover

The Dianthus ‘Bath’s Pink’, Dianthus gratianopolitanus, is a beautiful soft, light pink flower that is fringed and fragrant! ‘Bath’s Pink’ was the 1999 Theodore Kein Plant Award Winner, and one can see why!

With its grassy blue-gray foliage and profuse blooming time, ‘Bath’s Pink’ is one not to miss.

Dianthus will bloom from midsummer to early fall. In order for a longer bloom time, deadhead the blooms continuously throughout the summer.

Dianthus needs a sunny site with well-drained soil, but will tolerate some shade in the afternoon and humidity. It is best to avoid planting in areas with poor drainage where crowns will remain wet in winter.

These fragrant, spicy dove-like flowers look wonderful as a border plant, rock gardens, along walks or paths, for edging and a definite in cottage gardens.

For a splashy cool color all summer, plant this adorable ‘Bath’s Pink’ as a wide-spreading ground cover!

  • Fragrant Fringed Light Pink Blooms
  • Profusion of Blooms Through Summer
  • Hardy 6″ Groundcover

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