Black and Blue Salvia

Black and Blue Salvia


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Dramatic Blooms Of Blue

The Salvia Black and Blue, Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’, is a tall and attractive plant that has an upright growth habit. The bi-colored blooms are 3/4 of an inch in size and occur in both spring and the fall.

This selection of the Hardy Anise Sage differs from the norm in that the calyx (the little cup that holds the open flower) is black instead of the usual green!

It enjoys warm temperatures and is moderately drought tolerant. The dark, denim-blue flowers with black bases appear to be made by a flower designer because of its striking beauty.

The ‘Black and Blue’ Salvia mixes well with other beautiful summer flowering perennials. This eye catching Salvia offers abundant deep-blue, tubular blooms that are an absolute favorite of hummingbirds. They are hardy to 15 degrees.

‘Black and Blue’ is indispensable for your garden or containers if you want pretty, bright, flowers to enjoy in the garden and in arrangements!

  • Bi-Colored Flowers
  • Hardy Perennial Zone 9 And Up
  • Upright Habit
  • Denim Blue Blooms With Black Accents

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Black and Blue Salvia – 4.5 Inch Container