Blondy® Euonymus

Blondy® Euonymus


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Brilliant Yellow/Green Shrub

A delightful combination of green and yellows highlight this Proven Winners® evergreen shrub selection. The variegated leaves appear on yellow stems, each lovely leaf featuring serrated, oval-shaped dark green tone accented with a splash of bright yellow in the center. The foliage is so lovely that it’s often used in vase arrangements.

Blondy Euonymus, also known as Blondy Wintercreeper, is an evergreen shrub which has a bushy, mounded habit and is adaptive to a variety of soils. It’s lovely left to grow naturally, but is amenable to pruning if you so desire.

Your Blondy Wintercreper loves full sun, but will still thrive in partial shade. It’s adaptive to a variety of soils and generally low maintenance. Blondy Wintercreeper is spectacular when planted en masse for the vibrant color that it provides to the landscape. It can also provide a lovely, tall groundcover or vibrant border.

Popular shrubs come and go, but only some have the long-term staying power that keeps them a popular choice among gardeners. Blondy Wintercreeper has that staying power and is sure to prove it to you when you plant one this year. Order yours today!

  • Decorative foliage
  • Year round interest
  • Drought tolerant

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