Boost Grass Plug Root Dip

Boost Grass Plug Root Dip


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Boost the Success of Your Grass Plugs!

Boost Grass Plug Root Dip is designed to help protect your grass plugs during the transplant process. This unique formula coats the root system of your grass plugs to add nutrients and ensuring each plug to retains moisture during the planting process.

Boost Root Dip will not only protect your plugs, but it can help reduce the water requirements and time to establish your newly planted plugs. This 1 ounce packet mixes with 4 to 5 gallons of water, and is enough to treat about 1,000 grass plugs. Great for all grass varieties, it is highly recommended to help “boost” your lawn!

* Protects Grass Plugs While Retaining Moisture

* Great for All Varieties of Grass Plugs
* Ready to Mix and Easy to Apply
* Decreases Stress
* Treats Up to 1,000 Plugs

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