Boston Fern

Boston Fern


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Classic Boston Fern Suits Today’s Plant Fanatics

  • Lush Foliage
  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Incredible Air Purification Capabilities
  • Can be Used in Hanging Baskets

A beloved foliage houseplant, the Boston Fern (Nephrolepsis exalta) is a tried and true way to add lush natural look to your home. With soft, feathery fronds, Boston Ferns (nicknamed the Sword Fern) have an enormous personality.

New fronds froth upwards from the center of the plant, then arch downward in a graceful sweep. They make fabulous hanging plants. Or, choose to place them on a tall plant stand or pedestal.

They’ll make an incredible room divider and soften any angles in your furniture placement. As they mature, you’ll love the deeply symmetrical look. Why not try a pair on either side of an entry or to flank a large window?

Boston Fern is a relatively easy care plant, although it does need regular TLC. Place them in indirect sunlight near a window. No direct sun, please!

Moisture is critical to these gorgeous foliage plants. You’ll need to keep the soil consistently moist and the humidity high.

Have a sunny window in your bathroom? Install a sturdy ceiling hook and use a hanging basket for your Boston Fern. Just be sure you can reach to add water as needed. It would love it, and you’ll feel like you are on vacation every morning.

Touch the soil several times a week to see if you need to add filtered water. You’ll start to develop the touch when your plant is getting dry. You may need to add water daily, or several times a week. Better to actually touch the soil, than rely on a set schedule. Evenly moist soil is always best.

Part of the charm of houseplants is you get an opportunity to live closer to nature. We’d like to recommend you remain mindful as you care for your pretty Boston Fern. It will become a wonderful friend, if you’ll let it.

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Boston Fern – 6 Inch Container