Bradford Flowering Pear

Bradford Flowering Pear


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Fast Growing Lawn & Shade Tree

The Bradford Flowering Pear, tree Pyrus calleryana, ‘Bradford’, is an extremely popular, vigorous growing, medium size, shade tree with outstanding clusters of white blooms in spring and very attractive yellow to red to purple foliage color in fall.

The Bradford pear is a beautiful garden addition that produces no edible fruit. A great benefit of the Bradford is that it is a rapid grower!

Bradford Pear trees will tolerate most soil types. They are pest and pollution-resistant, and tolerate drought well. This flowering tree grows best in full sun.

An excellent lawn and shade tree, Bradford Flowering Pear is pyramidal shape when young, developing a broad canopy with age.

Bradford Flowering Pear is one of the most fire blight-resistant cultivars of the flowering pears!

  • Dramatic foliage
  • Year-round interest
  • Pyramidal habit

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Bradford Flowering Pear – #5 Container, Bradford Flowering Pear – 4x4x6 Inch Container