Budlight Tulip

Budlight Tulip


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The Rambunctious Budlight Tulip

  • Lily Flowering Tulip
  • Golden Flames With White-Edged Petals
  • Late Spring Bloom
  • Long-Lasting Blooms
  • Great In Containers

This bud’s for you. The Budlight Tulip (Tulipa ‘Budlight’) is a bright, elegant, and statuesque tulip that pairs well with a wide array of colors and flower types. With splendid reflexed petals of a Lily Flowering Tulip and dramatically pointed petal tips, the Budlight Tulip is a golden-yellow dream. In fact, you could say every hour is happy hour with Budlight Tulips in your yard.

The Budlight Tulip is a tall glass of refreshment. The Budlight Tulip features a golden-yellow flame highlighted with yellow margins on each petal. The Lily Flowering form of these hoppy beauties highlights the slender and pointed petals that slowly peel back from the center.

Because these late spring blooms float atop tall stems, they make an architectural and chic display. Plant yours as a border or along the garden path. Use them in a group planting for a crisp and clean spring celebration, and pair them with your other favorite Lily Flowering Tulips like the Claudia or White Triumphator.

It’s easy to see why florists adore these neat tulips. The stylish Budlight Tulip is perfect in a spring bouquet. With their tapered petals that flare out, these graphic blooms add excitement and celebration to the mix. Their tall, strong stems won’t let you down. They hold up to spring weather without snapping, and their cut blooms keep for days while looking healthy.

These long-lasting blooms are often considered even more striking as their petals slowly unfurl, creating a glowing butter-yellow and white star.

Cheers to the Budlight Tulip! These charming tulips won’t be available forever. Order yourself a frosted glass of elegance. Better yet, but your garden has a round of Budlight Tulips!

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Budlight Tulips – 8 pack bulbs