Bushel & Berry Midnight Cascade

Bushel & Berry Midnight Cascade


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Hanging Basket Bushel & Berry® Midnight Cascade® Blueberry

  • 450 Chill Hours
  • Abundant Harvest
  • Very Dark Blue Berries
  • Healthy Superfruit
  • Hint of Vanilla Flavor
  • Darling Option for Balconies and Patios
  • Masses of Flower Power
  • Pretty Flowers are White and Bell-Shaped
  • Red Fall Color
  • “Spiller” Features Cascading Branches and Trailing Habit
  • Self Pollinating Blueberry Plant, Add Several for Larger Crops
  • Tolerant of Urban Conditions

Summertime begs for sweetly trailing hanging baskets, doesn’t it? Fill your baskets with these highly ornamental flowering plants…and you’ll gain a harvest of great-tasting blueberries in summer and fall.

Highly aromatic Bushel & Berry® Midnight Cascade® Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum ‘FC12-187’ PP# 32,185) berries can be hand-picked for fresh eating. Hints of vanilla will make your smoothie taste incredible!

Edible landscaping is a great idea, especially when the plants are as pretty as Midnight Cascade. In spring, the length of each trailing branch sports a bell-shaped bloom that glistens like white moonstone.

People adore the lovely pale blooms, and this modern Blueberry cultivar truly delivers. You will be so pleased to watch a plethora of butterflies come visit to gather nectar from this thoughtful choice.

Gift yourself the experience of growing your own delicious fruit in a hanging basket Blueberry. These perennial shrubs can be overwintered and come back again year after year.

Gift your loved ones this exceptional experience, too! Pot them up in special baskets with a bag of Nature Hills Root Booster for a very welcome present.

Pluck the ripe fruit for your morning muesli! It’s so fun to watch the developing harvest and gain sustenance from your homegrown berry bushes.

The foliage has hints of red and darkens in the fall weather. The showy display keeps on coming; turning deep red for fall color most years.

You’ll want to place your order for our limited inventory of Midnight Cascade Blueberry right away. This will be a very popular plant each year!

How to Use Bushel & Berry® Midnight Cascade® Blueberry in the Landscape

Add several of these cunning fruiting bushes in a curated collection of hanging baskets in a sunny spot on your balcony. Adjust the hanging heights for a clustered, designer look.

Achieve high style with minimal effort by using a uniform series of Midnight Cascade Blueberry baskets. Hang them equidistant from each other along the entire span of your balcony or porch.

You can also consider these as “Spillers” around the edge of enormous planters for your terrace or patio. Try a pair flanking either side of your outdoor dining room as a mischievous accent designed to make your guests smile.

These low bushes could even cover ground for you. Plant them 18 inches apart on center near the edge of your mixed planting beds for a hard-working groundcover.

Blueberries need acidic soil to develop fruit with a soil pH below 5.5. Watch our YouTube videos and check out the Garden Blog for a lot more information on care tips and tricks.

In areas with alkaline soil, keep Midnight Cascade as potted plants in ericaceous soil mixes designed for “Acid Lovers”. Ensure your hanging baskets have good drainage holes!

Feed your Midnight Cascade a slow-release fertilizer for fruiting plants according to the directions. Use the listed application rate to avoid overfeeding.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Place your Midnight Cascade Blueberries in full sun. Ensure they receive at least six hours of sunlight a day, and ensure they have plenty of good air circulation.

Blueberries also must have consistent hydration as a key to success, especially during fruit production. Because municipal water can be alkaline, you might consider capturing pH neutral rainwater.

Prune to shape in late winter, if needed. Trim just above swelling buds at a 45-degree angle, using clean garden snips.

Include these popular, compact shrubs into your summer landscape! We’d simply encourage you to hurry…as people across the country are searching for Midnight Cascade Blueberry.

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