Carrot Scarlet Nantes Seed Pack

Carrot Scarlet Nantes Seed Pack


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The Scarlet Nantes carrots are coreless and provide a sweet flavor. These carrots are perfect for baby carrots, freezing, and juicing.

Days To Maturity: 65-70 days

Fruit Size: 6-8 inches

Sun: Full Sun

Spread: 4 inches

Height: 4-8 inches

Sow Method: Direct Sow

Planting Time: Fall, Spring

Sow Time: 2-4 weeks before last frost

Thin: 3 inches

Seeds per Packet: 100 seeds

How to Grow

Plant the seeds after the danger of heavy frost in rows 12” apart and .5” deep. Make sure the seeds are planted in a sunny location. As well ensure that the soil is properly moistened and to keep the weeds under control.