Catawba Grape

Catawba Grape


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Classic American Grape

Delicious Catawba Grapes (Vitis labrusca + Vitis vinifera ) have been used for wine, jellies and fresh eating since they were first cultivated in American gardens in 1801. Discovered in North Carolina, Catawba was the king of American vineyards in the early nineteenth century, rivaling wines produced in Europe at the time. The one-two punch of a powdery mildew blight and the decimation of vineyards during the Civil War led to this once famous Grape’s drop into obscurity.

We at Nature Hills are proud to offer this classic grape to the 21st century gardener. Catawba Grapes are stronger now and more resistant to diseases. They are easy to grow with a little TLC and plenty of sunshine.

Use these strong growers to cover a patio or scramble up a pergola. They will ramble along a fence or fill a large pot. The leaves turn a classic fall gold in autumn, which just adds to the pleasure of growing these beauties at home.

Beautiful on its own, as a specimen plant, or as part of the larger landscape, Catawba Grapes are sure to please. Just give it full sun and plenty of water to get it established and it will reward you with years of delicious fruit. Order yours today!

  • Healthy, Hardy Vines
  • Delicious Fruit
  • Winter Hardy
  • Cultivated For 200 Years!

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Catawba Grape – 5 Inch Container, Catawba Grape – #1 Container