Catherina Tulip

Catherina Tulip


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Fresh White Late Blooming Catherina Tulip

  • Single Late
  • Soft White Blooms
  • Strong, Sturdy Stems
  • Great In Containers

The Catherina Tulip (Tulipa ‘Catherina’) is a go-to for gardeners that want to add sophistication to their spring gardens. This tulip produces a large creamy-white bloom that soars two feet above the grass. This reliable and sturdy tulip is an excellent choice for those looking for a tulip that will perennialize and pair well any other color or flower.

This cream-cheese white tulip boasts being one of the tallest white tulips you can find. This Single Late is stately, demure, and statuesque. Its color can vary slightly from pure snow white to ivory, and it often exhibits golden highlights.

Often considered the quintessential tall white tulip, the Catherina Tulip’s bloom can be recognized by its classic egg-shape from miles away.

As a Single Late, you know the Catherina Tulip is both graceful and strong. Its sturdy stem makes it an ideal choice as a cut flower, and its pristine color makes for an unmatched mass planting.

The Catherina Tulip is a breath of fresh air when it blooms in late spring. While appearing lux, this tulip is easy to plant in fall and maintain year after year. It will naturalize, so you want to give it room to do so, and cull any old bulbs when dividing to maximize blooms. Provide it with full sun for best performance.

This angelic tulip is versatile, attractive, and reliable. While we try not to play favorites, the Catherina Tulip sure makes it hard not to. Order your Catherina Tulip and find yourself falling head over heels for its tall stature and delicious bloom!

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