Champlain Rose Shrub

Champlain Rose Shrub


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Easy Care, Velvety Red Champlain Rose Shrub

  • So Many Cherry Red Roses
  • Very Hardy
  • Easy Care and Disease Resistant
  • Bright Green Foliage
  • Fast Growing
  • Rose Hips for Winter Interest

If you are seeking a ruggedly easy care, but beautiful rose bush, you’ll want to take a good look at this customer favorite.

Part of the famed Canadian Explorer series, the Champlain (Rosa ‘Chaplain’) shrub rose can take temperature extremes. It’s given an Excellent rating by experienced gardeners, who say it’s a workhorse in their gardens.

You’ll love the slightly tipsy, informal feel of each very double bloom features 25 – 30 ruffled petals. It is absolutely covered in velvety, bright carmine red blooms all season long. A lightly fragrant rose, this will sweeten your garden without weighing you down.

You’ll appreciate the disease resistant foliage of this Kordesii rose. Neighborhood birds will appreciate the gorgeous orange rose hips that form in fall and add an enormous amount of winter visual interest.

Cut armloads of flowers to bring inside to brighten arrangements. The flowers hold their form well, and you’ll never miss them from the bush. After all, there are plenty more where that came from!

Use one of these as a small specimen by your patio, or plant several as a low hedge. They’ll work beautifully to anchor mixed borders together, or as a foundation planting. Order today!

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