Cherry Red Superbells Calibrachoa

Cherry Red Superbells Calibrachoa


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The Calibrachoa Superbells ® Cherry Red, Calibrachoa hybrid ‘USCAL23101’, is a fantastic annual hybrid from Proven Winners.

Calibrachoa is very similar to a minature Petunia. This vigorous fast growing plant produces hundreds of vividly colored red flowers that bloom from spring until first frost. Calibrachoa Superbells are easy to grow.

Place them in full sun, shade will severely limit the number of flowers. Superbells can be grown in patio pots, window boxes and in beds. Calibrachoa are popular for hanging baskets because of their cascading habit. Superbells are self cleaning, you do not have to pinch off spent flowers.

Superbells Calibrachoa is more heat resistant than most of the Calibrachoas. It can take the heat of hot southern summers making it a good replacement for petunias, and they can be perennial in zones 9 and warmer.

You can expect hummingbirds to visit your garden when you plant Calibrachoa because they love the large trumpet shaped flowers and it’s good nectar source.

* Zones 9-11, this plant can also be a perennial
* Fall Interest
* Long Blooming
* Heat Tolerant
* Rebloomer or Continuous Blooms


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Cherry Red Superbells Calibrachoa – 4.5 Inch Container