Chester Thornless Blackberry

Chester Thornless Blackberry


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Great All-Round Blackberry

Chester Thornless Blackberry (Rubus fruiticosus ‘Chester’) is a champion for the home edible landscape. Easy to grow and tolerating a wide range of temperatures and soil types, Chester was designed to please. This is the most productive plant of its kind, giving you weeks of fresh berries in July. You’ll have plenty of fresh goodness to share with your neighbors.

Strong-willed Chester is easily grown in the challenging heat and humidity of the south and the mid-west. The big berries are firm and sweet without a trace of tartness. Perfect for fresh eating and jams. They will stay firm on vine, too, without getting soft and leaky like other blackberries are prone to do in high heat and humidity. They also have good disease and pest resistance and rarely need spraying or coddling once they are established.

Chester is self-pollinating so it doesn’t need a pollinator – a single vine will produce for you. But we’ve never heard of anyone being satisfied with just one Chester vine! Order two or three to really enjoy the bounty.

Nature Hills ships out strong, thick-stemmed Chester vines that guarantee a good beginning to your berry patch. Don’t wait to order yours!

  • Thrives in Humid Heat
  • Juicy, Sweet Berries Stay Firm on the Vine
  • Easy Care, Self-Fertile
  • Great For the Home Garden

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Chester Thornless Blackberry – 5 Inch Container