Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree


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Grow Chicago Hardy Figs Even in Colder Regions

  • Great Tasting Fruit
  • Self Fruiting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Hardy
  • Productive

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree (Ficus carica) makes an awesome addition to any yard and as its name implies, this tree originated in Chicago. This makes it an ideally suited Fig tree for northern landscapes.

It’s not just a cold-hardy Fig, it is great-tasting as well. It is for this reason that the Chicago Hardy has become one of the favorites of home gardeners around the country.

Chicago Hardy Fig can produce up to 100 pints of Fig fruit per season and are easily grown and maintained. While it thrives outdoors, this Fig tree will even succeed when potted and brought inside during the colder season.

Chicago Hardy Fig Trees, which prefer full or partial sun, are high-yielding, self-fruiting and ever so easy to grow. They produce medium-sized, purple-skinned Figs that are delicious when peeled and eaten fresh from the tree.

Figs typically ripen anywhere from August until the first frost in the fall, but the tree may even bear fruit as early as July. There’s no need to wait for them to produce as this easy-to-grow tree will usually bear fruit in its very first season.

In some colder climates, the tree can freeze to the ground. Don’t be alarmed when this happens, though, as it will come back in the spring and will even produce fruit that same year. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new wood, this cycle does not affect its fruiting at all.

The wide range of adaptation means that this tree is able to thrive in Zones 5-11, from the hot climates of central California to various coastal climates around the country. Because of its small to closed eye, Chicago Hardy is a good choice to plant in Texas as well as all along the Southern Seaboard. And of course, those hungry gardeners in Zone 5 finally get a chance to grow delicious Figs for themselves!

This Fig is an attractive upright shrub or small tree, with distinctively large and leathery, dark green three-fingered leaves. Also known as Bensonhurst Purple,’ Chicago Hardy Fig Trees may be pruned to control it’s size. Chicago Hardy Figs do well as container-grown trees and are drought-tolerant once established.

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Chicago Hardy Fig Tree – 5x5x12 Inch Container 2-3 Feet