Chuckles Rose

Chuckles Rose


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Bring Some Laughter to your Garden!

The Chuckles rose is a hardy Canadian-bred shrub rose that can be grown as a small bush or used as a flowering hedge. This plant also is great for cut flowers.

Just a single cane from the Chuckles rose will fill a large vase.

Chuckles roses bloom in clusters. The blooming clusters can be so large that they cover the foliage. The sweet, single fuchsia blooms are 2½” across and have a moderate fragrance. 

The petals are highlighted by a lighter pink eye. In the landscape, that lighter eye really keeps your interest. The whole flower seems to glow.

This plant is cold-hardy, and is a great choice for Northern landscapes. 

This plant exhibits dark green foliage until fall and then it turns yellow. Chuckles develops red hips and they persist until late fall. The birds love the rose hips, so you’ll be adding winter interest to your landscape – AND – helping to make little songbirds very happy. 

Use Chuckles as a groundcover or as an edging for mixed borders. You could use this as a low hedge, or in fun and light-hearted containers. Order today, it will make you smile!

  • Repeat bloomer
  • Hot pink blooms
  • Hardy selection

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