Cilantro Cement Planter

Cilantro Cement Planter


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Cilantro in Cement Planter

If you consider yourself a gourmet cook then you know that nothing beats the flavor of fresh-clipped herbs to take a dish to the next level. If you consider yourself the worst cook on the planet then trust the instincts of the gourmands among us – fresh herbs will make even the simplest dishes sing!

Our new Urban Agriculture Cilantro Kit is the first step to kitchen bliss. The kit comes in a chic cement planter. Inside is everything you need to grow this delicious savory herb including a pack of Cilantro seeds and a small bag of organic soil, just right for the cement container.

Cilantro is a heat-lover and will do well in any sunny spot, indoors or out. Try them in the kitchen window or on the patio table. They grow quickly from seed and you will be harvesting the fresh leaves before you know it. Use them to perk up Mexican or Asian dishes or to make a great chimichurri sauce for grilling pork, chicken or steak.

* Kits contains everything you need
* Super-easy to grow
* Cilantro are savory herbs that love the sun
* Cement pot is beautiful and reusable

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Cilantro Cement Planter