Cilantro Santo Seed Pack

Cilantro Santo Seed Pack


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Cilantro is a popular flavor in many Hispanic dishes. It’s light fresh flavor complements salsas, marinades, and much more. Santo is particularly prized for it’s slow-to-bolt quality as well as prime flavor.

How To Grow:

Does best directly sown, but can be started early 3-5 weeks before last frost. Plants prefer cool roots and perform best in light shade in hot climates. Plants can bolt quickly as weather warms in hotter zones – succession planting every two weeks will extend the harvesting season. Remove plants as they bolt, or leave them to seed. Collect the dried seed as Coriander spice.

Plant Type: Annual

Height: 18”

Site: Sun/Part Sun

Days to maturity: 25-35 Days

Plant spacing: 6-8 inches