Cityline® Berlin Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Berlin Bigleaf Hydrangea


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Strong-Stemmed, Fushia Flowers

Berlin Hydrangea is a Bigleaf Hydrangea variety. It’s the largest (and fastest-growing), plant in the Cityline series. One would be right at home front-and-center of your patio garden, shrub border or even growing in your best container.

Your Berlin Hydrangea was bred specifically for stronger stems…and it needs it. The flower heads are large and heavy, with a rich, pink hue that’s amazing to behold. The round, snowball-like balls of blossoms appear July through August, perfectly accented by the glossy, dark-green foliage.

As the hot-pink blossoms age, the color transitions to a lovely green…so it’s like getting two flower colors on one plant!

It has a compact habit, so along with the strong stems, never needs pruning. Berlin has also been bred to be mildew and disease resistant.

As with other Hydrangeas, your flower color will be affected by the type of soil you have. Acid soil will produce blue flowers, with alkaline allowing pink tones to develop.

Hydrangeas are always spectacular additions for any landscape. Berlin Hydrangea delivers the usual dramatic beauty of huge flowers, while also providing the stems to properly display them. You won’t be sorry you planted this sensational, hardy variety!

  • Huge flowers
  • Strong stems
  • Hardy

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Cityline Berlin Bigleaf Hydrangea – Quart Container