Cleveland Flowering Pear

Cleveland Flowering Pear


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Striking Color and Form Cleveland Flowering Pear

  • Spectacular Spring Flowering
  • Wonderful Purple and Red Orange Fall Color
  • Crisp, Clean Pyramidal Columnar Growth Habit
  • Fast Growing
  • Hardy, Easy Care
  • All Sales Protected by Plant Sentry™

For a fast-growing ornamental tree with an abundance of formal style, homeowners in certain areas across the United States can relish the beauty of Cleveland Flowering Pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’).

This tree is not available in all areas. Simply enter your zip code in our Zone Finder on the page to see if you can purchase this gorgeous, desirable tree.

With its classic pyramidal form, Cleveland Flowering Pear will naturally lend a stylish architectural flair for your home all year long. No shaping or pruning is necessary to achieve this wonderful profile.

Usually, the Cleveland Flowering Pear is the first flowering tree to start its bloom. It graces the neighborhood with a perfect cloud of white flowers, as soon as the weather turns warm enough to coax the buds to bloom out.

This phenomenal flower display in early spring is such a welcome sight! Small flowers are held in clusters on every branch tip. The spring flowers seem to blanket the tree in white blossoms. Step close and you’ll note a fresh, light fragrance wafting through the air.

Next, the shiny, dark green leaves will knock your socks off. The crisp, clean leaves look like they were freshly waxed all season long. Heart-shaped, they are a lovely contrast to the grey/brown bark throughout the summer.

Then late in fall, the green leaves turn to warm red orange and even purple hues. The fall color will blow you away. This is some of the brightest available of any ornamental tree.

This is a hardy ornamental tree with year-round appeal. Because this is a columnar tree growing more tall than broad, it nestles neatly into a narrow spot between other plants or looks great in rows along a street or sidewalk.

Cleveland Flowering Pear is certain to surprise you with its colorful nature. It’s a fast grower, so in no time at all you’ll be enjoying its spectacular display. Order today!

How to Use Cleveland Flowering Pear in the Landscape

In the right geographies, this beautiful specimen tree makes a perfect lawn or street tree for front yards. Use a single tree to anchor the corner of your home in a landscape bed. Or, plant one on either side of large scale front entrances as a gracious welcome for guests.

These make fabulous screening backdrops along the property line. Plant them 15 feet apart, measuring from the center trunk of one tree to the center trunk of the next. Their tall, oval shapes will quickly grow together into a single, continuous screen.

Or, plant them 25 feet apart in long, formal rows to create a magnificent allée. What a memory to grant yourself and your family each flowering spring and colorful fall!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Cleveland Pear tree thrives in almost any soils. You’ll get great results even in heat or pollution. Provide even watering while the tree is getting established in your soil.

Cleveland Select can produce some small, rounded fruits that can develop on the tree if it is planted near another Callery Pear that can pollinate it. The birds go crazy for the fruit during the winter or very early spring.

This is an improved cultivar of the old Bradford Pear trees. It’s also known as ‘Glen’s Form’, ‘Select’, and ‘Stone Hill’.

The tree should be pruned after flowering, if needed. Do prune out any secondary leaders that may develop as the tree is young. Select your preferred leader in the dense crown and remove the other secondary leader completely.

Plant them at least 15 feet away from the foundation of your house and 8 feet away from the curb. This will give the root system enough room to develop.

The Cleveland Flowering Pear is a versatile addition to almost any landscape. Its low maintenance, hardy nature and beautiful year-round appeal make it a great choice as an ornamental landscape tree.

And because every Nature Hills purchase is protected by Plant Sentry™, areas that have restricted Cleveland Pears as doing a little “too well” are blocked for shipment. Nature Hills always protects your community in our role as long-term good stewards of your local ecology.

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