Cloud Nine Switch Grass

Cloud Nine Switch Grass


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Bold, Impressive, Big Cloud Nine Switch Grass

  • Large, Sculptural Ornamental Grass
  • Never Needs Staking
  • Dense Screen of Arching, Blue Foliage
  • Beautiful Clouds of Open and Airy Seed Heads
  • Glowing, Harvest Gold Fall Color
  • Use as Specimen or Privacy Screen
  • Easy-Care

Whether you are adding to an established garden, or setting up a brand new landscape design, you’ll want to take a good, long look at Cloud Nine Switch Grass (Panicum virgatum ‘Cloud Nine’).This magnificent, low-maintenance plant can provide critical structure and strategic privacy.

It gets large. You’ll need to read the Plant Highlights and give it plenty of room to spread out to its full width.

Towering, yet graceful. Bold, yet sinuous. Big impact on the bottom, yet airy up top. Dense, yet delicate.

You’ll love the contrast between the thick, lush, fountains of blue-green foliage and the tiny, dancing seedheads that float above it. Use Cloud Nine as an important feature in your landscape.

Try one as a specimen, or plant a winding row of them for privacy screening. Give them a single haircut in early spring, and you are done with care for the year.

Cloud Nine looks great every season. Easily block out unsightly views, while adding a tremendous presence in your yard.

Don’t worry, though. It only looks dramatic. This Ornamental Grass is very easy to grow and maintain. Growing naturally upright, there is no staking needed.

Flower panicles start showing off midway through the growing season. The yellow and tan, airy seedheads emerge from the blue foliage. Get ready to be mesmerized as they catch even the slightest breeze.

There is nothing like adding Ornamental Grasses to add motion and gentle sound to your Great Outdoors. Super-sized Cloud Nine will become a total rock star in your design. Order yours today!

How to Use Cloud Nine Switch Grass in the Landscape

Use this large, bold ornamental as a great specimen plant. Place it where you need to boost your privacy, or front and center where all will see it.

Make the most of a wide entrance with a pair of them, acting as sentinels. Plant one on either side of the opening and get ready for compliments.

Try several in a loose grouping on a raised berm, or directly in the front lawn. Vary the spacing from 3 to 5 feet apart for the most natural look. Create a mulched garden bed and underplant them with tough, pretty Groundcover Roses or a few evergreen shrubs like Mugo Pine.

Capitalize on their large size to screen out ugly views in sunny areas. 3 or 5 of them planted in a row behind your patio seating would look amazing, and help you relax in your backyard.

Try repeating several of them on the sunny side of evergreen trees to soften them and add motion. Or, plant on the north side of smaller plants as a memorable backdrop.

For a solid screen, you’ll plant them 3 – 4 feet apart on center. Increase that spacing to 4 – 5 feet apart on center for a more rustic look. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Give them a spot in full sun or partial shade, with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. They tolerate a wide range of soils, including dry soils. However, the soil does need to be well-drained.

If you have poor drainage, bring in additional soil and mound it up 18 inches high and 3 feet wide. Plant directly in that raised mound.

Water carefully the first year to get that plant established. After that, it is simple to grow but does start a bit later than other Ornamental Grasses. Please, have a bit of patience in the springtime.

Leave the foliage to dry for winter interest. In early spring before it starts to grow,, cut all stems down to just a couple of inches from the ground. Use a utility saw, jab saw or hacksaw to make it really easy.

Try using the dried leaves and stems you as mulch in your veggie garden to keep your plants clean and weed free. Chop and drop the long blades of grass for success!

Enjoy this Big Boy! It will look amazing in your yard every year while asking very little in return. Order Cloud Nine Switch Grass today.

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