Coleus Pink Chaos

Coleus Pink Chaos


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A Riot of Color for Your Garden or Container!

Why settle for simple when you can have Chaos? Pink Chaos Coleus is here to shake up your shady garden beds and pots with an eye-catching crash of color on every plant. With its wild fusion of pure white, hot pink and mint green splotches on every leaf, Chaos isn’t a plant to ‘blend in’…it stands out. You have been warned.

Despite the tropical look, Coleus are some of the most carefree plants that you can grow. Chaos does well in sun or shade and normal garden or potting soil. All it really asks for is steady water. (The tell-tale ‘coleus droop’ lets you know if you’re not giving it enough water. How easy is that?)

Once the height of fashion in Victorian Europe, coleus plants were bought and sold for astronomical sums as each nobleman vied to have the most unique plants in his private collection. Eventually the craze died out and coleus were thought of as common-place. After almost losing the best colors to history, thankfully, we are in the middle of a renaissance of coleus love. The sheer number of colors and ease of growth make these some of the best garden bedding plants for American gardens. They are stellar container plants, too, and you can even bring them in to overwinter as stand-out house plants!

Don’t miss the craze this time around! Order your Pink Chaos Coleus from us today!

  • Tri-colored foliage
  • Sun or shade
  • Easy care
  • Great in containers

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Coleus Pink Chaos – 4.5 Inch Container