Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree


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Incredible Blue Evergreen Accent Tree

When you’re making your holiday list this year, don’t forget to ask Santa for the best evergreen on the market. Or better yet, order a Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens ‘Glauca’) for yourself. This delightful tree is best known for its Christmas tree shape without the need for pruning. When left to flourish, they can reach impressive heights with a tight footprint.

Unmatched Evergreen Color

If this tree is head-and-shoulders above other evergreens. It features a unique and pristine blue but still has lovely green undertones. Often, it appears iridescent or silver in the sunlight. And this beautiful tree looks even more impressive when paired with plants that have true fall colors like yellows and oranges.

It adds color and life to bare yards when winter’s in full swing. And it seems to sparkle when covered in a fresh snowfall.

It’s impossible not to love the majestic Colorado Blue Spruce. This immaculate tree looks amazing no matter where you plant it in your yard. It makes a great accent plant or an effective privacy screen. Plant several in a row for the full privacy, wind breaking, and sound-dampening effect.

This low-maintenance tree is cold-hardy and won’t take up much of your time or energy to keep it healthy. In fact, it really is a plant-it-and-forget-it favorite! It’s drought tolerant and prefers full sun. It isn’t picky when it comes to soil types, either. It’ll grow well in clay, moist, acidic, loamy, or sandy soil.

There is one group that won’t be able to forget this wonderful tree: the local wildlife. Rabbits and birds appreciate its use as a great shelter. And other creatures delight in its pinecones that make an excellent snack.

You can even borrow a few pine cones for your next craft project if you want.

Don’t deny yourself the vibrant and impressive Colorado Blue Spruce. You’ll be thankful when you see how little care it needs but how much joy it brings to the holiday season and year-round. Oder yours from us today!

  • Excellent Christmas Tree Shape Without Pruning
  • Cold Hardy and Grows Well in Most Soils
  • Provides Shelter and Food to Wildlife

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