Comice Pear Tree

Comice Pear Tree


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World’s Best Tasting Comice Pear Tree

  • Excellent Quality
  • Sweet Juicy Fruit
  • Vigorous Growth
  • Fresh Eating, Baking and Canning
  • Little Pruning Required

The Comice Pear is an ornamental tree that bears superior fruit. Plant several in the backyard for a small orchard, or just one in front for its natural landscape-enhancing beauty.

Enjoy a seasonal bounty of fresh, delicious pears when you plant our Comice Pear Tree (Pyrus ‘Comice’). Dubbed the ‘Connoisseur’s pear,’ the Comice has been a generational favorite among growers and foodies, beloved for its deliciousness as a fresh-eating pear as well as its delightful culinary potential.

This ornamental pear bears excellent fruit, whether you choose to grow just one out front for its beautiful look or several out back to create your own mini orchard. Buy it for its looks, buy it for an abundant crop you can count on every season, or both.

Comice pears are sweet and juicy with a firm texture that gives you that classic pear “snap” with every bite. The skin of the pear is light green and has a faint rosy blush that lets you know it was picked at the peak of perfection.

The crunch of this pear and the firmness of its flesh makes it ideal for baking, adding to a pear crisp, and for baking pies. Its flesh also makes it a great pear for canning, letting you preserve some of your harvest for enjoyment later on in the year.

The Comice Pear was first introduced in the 1800s in France and quickly sealed its reputation as being the pear to own. The Comice is revered among growers for its low-maintenance requirements and ease of growing.

Adaptable to a range of conditions, this pear tree is easy to love and easy on the eyes too. As winter turns to spring, watch in amazement as the Comice Pear Tree puts on a spectacle for you (and passersby) to enjoy. It comes to life with pristine white blooms that attract butterflies and other pollinators who follow its subtle fragrance instinctively.

The Comice Pear Tree basically takes care of itself once planted. Its upright, vigorous growth is easily maintained with minimal pruning, and its branches are tenaciously strong and stout

The Comice Pear is a lovely fruiting tree for your yard and will give you years of enjoyment with its spring display and superior fruit. Order today!

Recommended pollinators: Bartlett, Bosc, D’Anjou

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