Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew Willow


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Year-Round Interest Ornamental Corkscrew Willow

  • Incredible Contorted Branching
  • Fast Growing
  • Bright Spring Growth, Curly Summer Leaves, Outstanding Yellow Fall Color
  • Fantastic for Winter Interest
  • Breezy Privacy Screen
  • Sophisticated Element in Cut Flower Arrangements
  • Grows in Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • Great for Rain Gardens and Naturalized Gardens

You have probably seen these lovely, twisted branches used in lavish floral arrangements at high end hotels and restaurants. If only you knew how easy it is to grow the fun, funky Corkscrew Willow Tree (Salix matsudana Tortuosa’) in your landscape!

This unique small tree has the most amazing twisting, turning branches. It can be used in many garden applications, including as a privacy screen or living fence.

Why settle for straight, when you could add a little curve to your garden? Corkscrew Willow has interesting gnarled, contorted limbs, twisted branches and curly leaves. Branches arise from the trunk at an acute angle and grow up almost parallel to the trunk before they curve back horizontally.

This highly ornamental deciduous tree has a lot of personality and easily draws the eye. Use it as a special accent or specimen tree.

Corkscrew Willow gives you something interesting to look at all seasons of the year. Not many small trees offer so much visual appeal, especially in the long winter months. Find a place for this variety and you’ll be fascinated watching the twisting shadows play over your snowy winter landscape.

In spring, the new bare growth is pliable and can be harvested for cut flower arrangements. Professional florists put a high price on these, so it’s worthwhile to save these interesting branches for your use all year!

Spring foliage develops as curly, 4-inch long, lance-shaped leaves. The leaves are green on top, with white-tinted undersides. They’ll cast an easy-breeze light shade. You’ll love the refreshing, susurrus white noise as the slightest summer breeze plays and twirls through the leaves.

In autumn, the foliage turns to a lovely golden yellow hue. It makes a big impact in your Fall Garden. Of course, Corkscrew Willow’s appearance is at its best advantage in the winter when the foliage has fallen to reveal the one-of-a-kind branches.

The ornamental value along with its smaller overall size makes it a great choice for any number of usages in today’s home garden. One would certainly draw attention and comment as a specimen planting in your front yard.

Be sure to tell people who ask about it (and they will!) that nicknames include Dragon’s Claw and Curly Willow. Order today, we sell out of this special tree every year.

How to Use Corkscrew Willow in the Landscape

Corkscrew Willow develops a symmetrical, rounded crown. This gives it a formal look, but the wispy branches and leaves soften the look in a very pleasing way. The upright character of the tree is very uniform and makes a very nice clean statement in both the home garden and commercial landscapes.

Mostly used as a specimen tree in the landscape, the Corkscrew Willow is also a good accent tree used to mark a property line. The Willow is also a great variety for the wet areas that drains well but is too wet for most other varieties.

Tolerant of full sun to partial shade, this variety can be planted as a featured tree in a woodland setting, or as an understory tree for tall Pines or other evergreens.

In fact, it’s relatively tolerant of most soils and conditions. They are tolerant of salt spray so are often used in coastal landscapes.

Perfect as a backdrop for a cutting garden, the branches of this variety are often used by florist in expensive flower arrangements. Cut your own softwood in spring new growth in the early morning. Wrap the ends in a wet towel to keep moisture levels high.

There are so many ways to use Curly Willow in floral arrangements. Try a simple bunch bouquet of branches in tall glass vases to make a glorious modern display. Use in vertical arrangements with other long-stemmed flowers or greenery.

Or, use a single branch or two to add vertical height to arrangements. Use them upright in large modern arrangements, or twist and loop 2 or three branches together to add dynamism to seasonal compote centerpieces. They will easily boost the impact of outdoor containers, too.

Dried branches will deepen into a mellow reddish brown. Spray paint the branches or use them naturally. Have fun with these special plants!

#ProPlantTips for Care

These are fast-growing trees and will become an immediate visual attraction in your garden. If you need to block a view quickly, why not include a Corkscrew Willow or two?

Allow enough room to let the tree develop to its natural size and width to appreciate the full beauty of the Corkscrew willow tree. Corkscrew Willow prefers full sun, but it will grow in partial shade.

Keep this unique beauty away from patios, water mains, walkways or sidewalks. Willow grows shallow roots and loves water, so be sure to call before your dig. Get your utilities mapped out, and site this tree correctly. This is a tree for a wide, naturalized area.

Corkscrew Willow grows best when watered regularly. Use it at the edge of a Rain Garden to help filter polluted water runoff from roofs and streets before it reaches local streams and rivers.

Prune to remove any dead, diseased or broken limbs in the winter. Prune to gather pliable materials for your dried flower arrangements in spring.

Use it in the right spot and you’ll love this one-of-a-kind tree that’s sure to draw attention with its year-round interest. Don’t miss this chance to own your own Dragon’s Claw Corkscrew Willow!

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