Corn Plant

Corn Plant


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Exceptional Look, Easy-Care Corn Plant

  • Indirect Bright to Low Light Requirement
  • Easy Care Houseplant
  • Designer Style
  • Will Develop Multiple Trunks and Rosettes Over Time

No matter if your home decor is contemporary, rustic, vintage, classic or ultra-modern – the Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans ‘massangeana’) looks fabulous. With this plant, it’s all in the styling. Choose a container that matches the rest of your decor, and let the plant take center stage.

Fill a corner with this beautiful specimen houseplant. Woody, thick stems and dramatic arching leaves will draw the eye.

In indirect bright light settings, each strappy leaf will showcase a lime green pinstripe. Place this plant to the side of a sunny window, or filter behind a curtain.

Corn Plant would love an east window, or to be grown on a covered porch. If you don’t have high air humidity, keep a spray bottle or diffuser handy to supplement with moisture as needed.

Rotate the plant regularly to keep each leaf soaked in the same amount of light. Water weekly, but lightly. The goal is to keep the soil damp, never soaking wet. Watch for yellowing leaves or brown tips – usually a sign of overwatering.

You might hear this plant nicknamed Mass Cane, and you can see why. Happy Corn Plants will develop multiple trunks and rosettes over time. The more, the merrier!

Add Corn Plants to your household. You’ll appreciate its sturdy charm and rugged good looks. Order today!

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Corn Plant – 6 Inch Container