Crested Cactus

Crested Cactus


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Crested Cactus, Crown Jewel Of Your Collection

  • Bright Indirect Light
  • Incredible Coral Cactus
  • Very Easy Care
  • Outstanding Specimen

All across the United States, we’re seeing a huge upward interest in houseplants of all shapes and sizes. You can imagine that the incredible indoor gardens being amassed are as varied as the people who create them. But all of them could use a standout plant to act as a focal point.

Many plant lovers are on the hunt for rare and unusual shapes of the plant world. They want to add unique specimens to adorn their collection. The undulating, fan-shaped Crested Cactus (Euphorbia lactea ‘Cristata’) is a brilliant gem.

All eyes are drawn to the fantastic, organic shape. Crested Cactus looks like living coral in your living room.

There are some specific care instructions for this plant. Give it indirect sunlight, as the magenta-tipped crest will burn in direct sun.

The fastest way to kill this beautiful plant is to overwater it. Keep it on the dry side and allow it to dry between waterings. Be sure the container has plenty of drainage holes.

For best results, plan a water date with your Crested Cactus once a month. Take the container to your sink and use the spray hose to thoroughly saturate the soil. Then, let it drain completely for at least 30 minutes.

If you keep your Crested Cactus outside, plan to up the watering schedule to every two weeks. Use the gentle shower setting on your hose, and spray on the patio and allow the water to drain away completely.

This is a beautiful sculptural addition to your houseplant and cactus collection. Give it a prized setting and let it shine for you. You’ll never grow tired of studying the shape and form.

Each of these expertly grafted plants is a work of horticultural art. For a fabulous display in an office or home, why not purchase several and line them up in a straight row? The contrast between the flowing geometry of the crest and a precise placement is tantalizing.

Crested Cactus will bring a highly polished finish to your display, anyway you choose to use this. Nature Hills is proud of the high quality of these marvelous plants. Order yours today!

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Crested Cactus – 4 Inch Container, Crested Cactus – 6 Inch Container