Cuphea Lavender Lace

Cuphea Lavender Lace


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Great in Mass Plantings and in Containers

The Cuphea Lavender Lace, ‘Cuphea rosea’, is a Proven Selections plant that is used in combos and containers. Lavender Lace can be used as a landscape or ornamental plant.

They produce masses of purple flowers from spring through fall. Summers heat will not stop these unique flowers. In warm climates it is an ever blooming perennial.

The stems become slightly woody, arching and weather tough conditions. Place them in well drained soil and then look for Hummingbirds as they begin to flower. Pinching in early summer will promote branching. For zones 9-11, this plant can also be a perennial.

* Months of blooms spring through fall
* Thrives in heat
* Easy to grow 

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Cuphea Lavender Lace – 4.5 Inch Container