Daisy Ceramic Planter

Daisy Ceramic Planter


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African Daisy in Ceramic Planter

There are very few things as cheerful as a vase full of daisies on the kitchen counter. But cut flowers have the sad habit of wilting and dying on you. So, stop cutting them and start growing them! For an easy-to-grow living bouquet you will love our new Urban Agriculture African Daisy Kit.

The kit comes in a beautiful ceramic planter. Inside is everything you need to grow these pretty flowers including a pack of African Daisy seeds and a small bag of organic soil, measured out just right for the ceramic container.

African Daisies are heat-lovers and do well in a sunny spot. Try them in the kitchen window or on the patio table. They grow quickly from seed and will be blooming before you know it. The flowers have classic white petals and high sunshine-yellow centers with spring-green leaves. They are certain to bring a smile to your face – or the face of a friend. Buy a kit for you and one for them!

* Kits contains everything you need
* Super-easy to grow
* African Daisy are beautiful flowers that love the sun
* Cement pot is beautiful and reusable

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Daisy Ceramic Planter-Gift Set