Damson Plum Tree

Damson Plum Tree


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Popular Time-Tested Variety

Damson Plum is a hardy, fruit-bearing tree. Choose a place for one in your yard where you have a lot of sun (although they will tolerate a little shade). You’ll want a spot where you can easily view them throughout the season—you won’t want to miss watching your tasty plums ripen!

Your Damson Plum is one of the most popular older varieties in America today. White blooms sprinkle amid its branches in spring, a gentle welcome to the new season. It’s not long before those dainty blooms transition into the tiny fruit that slowly ripens through the warm, summer months.

By late August you’ll be astonished at how fully laden your tree is with its bounty. The small oval plums it produces have a delightfully purple skin and delectable, yellow flesh. The flavor is spicy-tart and much prized for canning, wine and preserves. You’ll also find it to be delicious right off the tree, still warm from the sun’s rays.

Damson Plum has an oval shape at maturity and is a relatively hardy fruit tree. Damson is adaptable to a variety of soils and can tolerate some cold. It’s mostly self-fertile (although it will perform better with a pollinator).

It’s always fun to have a plum in the yard, and Damson is a great variety. Its late harvest of spicy-sweet fruit is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially as Damson is heavy-bearing and requires little care. Try one this summer, with or without a pollinator, and you’ll see why so many consider Damson a “plum pick” among plum tree varieties.

  • Superior fruit
  • Mostly self-fertile
  • Cold hardy

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Damson Plum Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet, Damson Plum Tree – #3 Container 3-4 Feet