Don Quichotte Tulip

Don Quichotte Tulip


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Breath-Taking Large Pink Don Quichotte Tulip

  • Triumph Tulip
  • Pink With Purple Sheen
  • Rich Even Coloration
  • Strong, Tall Stems
  • Great In Containers

When it comes to the best dressed in the garden, the Don Quichotte Tulip (Tulipa ‘Don Quichotte’) takes the prize. This tulip blooms in a breath-taking taffy pink with a purple iridescent sheen. These large and elegant Triumph Tulips when planted en masse look like a sea of ballet slippers tip-toeing across the sky.

These lovely tulips offer a balance of grace and strength. With romantic blooms and strong stems and medium green foliage, these ravishing tulips are hard to beat.

They add that “wow-factor” to flower arrangements. Few cut flowers have such unique and multi-dimensional coloration. In fact, the Don Quichotte Tulip has a tendency to appear unnaturally beautiful and mysterious. And while their color is mouth-wateringly stunning, they also have long, strong stems and massive blooms.

While this tulip variety is highly sought after for flower arrangements, it also demands attention in the garden. Beyond the cut flower bed, the Don Quichotte Tulip’s single bloom allows light to play through its petals, creating layer upon layer of color and depth. Play to the Don Quichotte Tulip’s strengths by planting it in groups beside your other spring bulbs. Its impressive height and bloom size make it a great middle flower for front beds and spring bulb gardens.

Let this enchanting tulip shimmer and shine in full sun. The process of planting Don Quichotte Tulips is simple: we will ship them to you based on your zone’s optimal fall planting time, and all you have to do is bury them with enough space to allow for naturalizing and then enjoy the show in spring.

This mid-spring bloomer will take you on a journey. The Don Quichotte Tulip’s blooms may seem straight out of a fantastic tale, but they’re easy to grow and care for in your garden. Order yours now.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Don Quichotte Tulip – 10 pack bulbs