Double Negrita Tulip

Double Negrita Tulip


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Massive Deep Purple Double Negrita Tulip

  • Double Late Tulip
  • Deep Purple Double Blooms
  • Fragrant Blooms
  • Great In Containers

Double the petal, double the fun. Or at least double the beauty, right? This violet double-bloom tulip takes the classic Negrita Tulip and adds volume and drama. With layers of petals and the perfect purple, the Double Negrita Tulip (Tulipa ‘Double Negrita’) is both fun and exquisite.

The Double Negrita Tulip’s deep purple are satiny violet and brilliant enough to turn anyone passionate about purple. Each Double Negrita flower petal is broad and delightfully ruffled along its edges. And while the main feature of this stunning tulip is its rare violet, these double blooms are often streaked with eggplant, pink, and green. When planted with single-blooms, the Double Negrita Tulip’s full-petaled blossom appears even more impressive.

Plant these pretty tulips in groups for a powerful purple impact, but you may want to keep them away from your peonies. Peonies may find themselves a bit jealous by these abundant and voluminous blossoms. Use your Double Negrita Tulips as a bold single-variety border or pair them with yellows, oranges, and reds for a highly chromatic display.

Be sure you order enough for your cut flower arrangements. These enormous blooms atop long, tall stems make any floral display bigger, better, and more dramatic.

Double Negrita Tulips are the perfect way to end your spring blooms season. Plant the late-spring blooms in full sun and prepare for passion tulips that naturalize and multiply year and after.

If you’re hunting for the perfect purple double tulip, look no further. Order your Double Negrita Tulips and spend your late spring evenings counting the petals and admiring how well this flower defines purple.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Double Negrita Tulips – 10 pack bulbs