Dr. Earth Pure & Natural Premium Alfalfa Meal

Dr. Earth Pure & Natural Premium Alfalfa Meal


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Grow Your Best Garden This Year

Alfalfa is a “Plant Superfood”. It breaks down fast, so it helps feed your plants quickly. Dr. Earth® Premium Alfalfa Meal boosts your plants production with super nutrition.

Shrubs and tropical plants, annuals, perennials love alfalfa because it feeds them with easily bioavailable nutrients. They can easily access and utilize the benefits from this natural plant powerhouse.

Roses love alfalfa because they love magnesium. It brightens their flower color and supports healthy bud production.

Vegetable gardeners love alfalfa because it helps them get the best yields. You’ll literally be amazed and so pleased. After all, the reason you garden is to get the biggest, most delicious healthy crops for you and your family. Alfalfa is the key to production! Plan to share your crops with family, friends, and neighbors. You may even have to start sharing with co-workers!

And because this is a Dr. Earth® organic meal, you know you’ll be protected from GMO, chicken manure and inorganic materials. Safe for people and pets, perfect for roses, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

You’ll do your soil a big favor by adding Alfalfa, along with Dr. Earth’s special formula of seven beneficial probiotic soil microbes called TruBiotic®.

Bring life to your garden. Order today!

  • Supercharged Organic Plant Nutrition
  • Promotes Healthy Growth in a Natural Way
  • Adds Life, Trace Elements and Magnesium
  • Supports Both New and Established Plantings

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Dr. Earth Pure Natural Premium Alfalfa Meal – 3 lb