Dracaena Compacta

Dracaena Compacta


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Stylish Dracaena Compacta Adds Dramatic Visual Interest

  • Moderate to Bright Light Houseplant
  • Exquisite Variety of Popular Genus
  • Natural Dwarf Stays Compact and Charming
  • Filters Your Indoor Air

For a dramatic flair, you can’t beat the Dracena Compacta. A small scale version of the wonderful Dragon Tree, the Compacta has a thick green stem and a rosette of 2 – 4 inch leaves.

When happy, a Dracena Compacta tree can produce several canes with rosettes, although the rate of growth is slow. This plant makes a wonderfully chic visual presentation. It can amplify many different decor styles.

You’ll want to know going into this relationship that Dracena can be a bit of a diva. It has specific requirements for light and water. While it will technically live in conditions that aren’t optimal, it won’t look its best.

This is a plant that likes bright, indirect light. Give it a spot near the window, but filtered a bit behind a curtain.

You’ll want to rotate the pot a quarter turn every day to ensure all leaves receive the same amount of light. Otherwise, you’ll start seeing brown tips on the far leaves. It takes no time at all to provide this small service.

Water regularly – but lightly – to ensure the soil remains barely moist, but never wet. Use a pebble tray to ensure the Dracena Compacta doesn’t sit in standing water. In winter, the water requirements go down a bit, but please don’t ever let your Dracena dry out completely.

Keep a spray bottle nearby, or use a diffuser to keep humidity high. Yes, this is a houseplant to baby, but its good looks will make it worth it. You can also try this variety in a terrarium to cut down on maintenance a bit.

As your plant ages, consider pruning the tips off the new growth in spring. It can develop additional rosettes at the pruning cuts.

You may be rewarded with a honey scented bloom that lasts for weeks. What a treat! This special little plant will be a prized member of your Dracena collection. Order yours today!

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Dracaena Compacta – 4 Inch Container