Dragon Head Bamboo

Dragon Head Bamboo


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Fabulous Drama Dragon Head Bamboo

  • Clumping Bamboo is Not Invasive
  • Bright Orange-Red Shoots in Spring
  • Fast Growing Deciduous Grass
  • Arching Canes Add Height and Motion to the Landscape
  • Fine Bamboo Texture
  • Cold Hardy
  • Grows in Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Easy Care

Add this top performer as a wonderful backdrop to your summer activities. Clumping Dragon Head Bamboo (Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’) stays put, and gives you an easy-care, tropical look.

With arching canes that quickly grow tall, Dragon Head Bamboo is a confident accent plant. Use it in a row to create wonderful “Living Walls” to support your outdoor activities.

It grows well with many different sun exposures, a real boon for modern homeowners. Run a long row just about anywhere in your landscape without worrying about low performance in shadier areas.

Dragon Head delivers a wonderful show all year-long. Keep the shoots standing over the wintertime, and prune them down in early spring.

You’ll be thrilled to soon see fresh, bright orange-red shoots in spring. The shoots age to a mid-tone green and quickly grow to achieve full size.

Add a graceful accent to your garden sanctuary with the feathery, arching growth. It won’t take long for this speedy plant to give you a mature, established look.

Relax nearby and enjoy the play of the breeze through your stand. Order expertly grown Dragon Head Bamboo from Nature Hills today!

How to Use Dragon Head Bamboo in the Landscape

There are many applications for these special plants. Add just one as a specimen behind a meaningful piece of garden art.

Use two, flanking either side of an entrance. You’ll effortlessly elevate the sense of casual modern grandeur with these durable, informal plants.

They make fabulous screening plants. Because it gives you fast coverage, you might decide to line your pool deck or hide your utility areas with a row of them. This is a terrific choice to use behind patio furniture.

Dragon Head Bamboo also makes a great backdrop plant for smaller shrubs and perennials. Mix it with bolder foliage to highlight special container gardens, or small purple-leaved shrubs.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This plant is easy to care for and grow in full sun or shaded conditions. It needs well-drained soil, so create a raised planting bed if you suffer from poor drainage.

It’s best to avoid the hottest places in your landscape for the best performance. Water carefully to establish, and provide supplemental water during long periods of drought from then on.

Prune once a year in late winter before new growth appears. Chop the dried shoots and use as a mulch in your other garden beds, or add to your compost pile.

Enjoy the kinetic sight and sound of this very special, non-invasive Bamboo variety. Order your Dragon Head Bamboo today!

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