Dragon Wing® Pink Begonia

Dragon Wing® Pink Begonia


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The Begonia Dragon Wing Pink, ‘Begonia x hybrida’, is a beautiful shade plant growing up to 15 inches tall with a a spread of up to 18 inches. Dragon Wing Pink Begonias perform very well in the landscape with excellent heat tolerance and garden performance.

Dragon Wing Pink is part of a new series that is very heat tolerant and has wing-like, glossy green leaves. It’s an excellent companion with other annuals in containers and hanging baskets. The Dragon Wing works great in full sun but the look in partial shade is absolutely awesome.

These plants bloom almost constantly and have angel-wing shaped, dark green leaves that are spectacularly glossy with huge panicles of pink flowers hanging down. This plant is ideal for hanging baskets on the front porch or in large containers. Begonia Dragon Wings prefer planting beds that are well drained and organic-rich.

* Heat Tolerant 
* Deadheading Not Necessary
* Award Winner 

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Dragon Wing Pink Begonia – 4.5 Inch Container