Dwarf Korean Lilac

Dwarf Korean Lilac


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Pint-Sized Flower Power Dwarf Korean Lilac

  • Heavy Display of Fragrant, Purple Spring Blooms
  • Light Rebloom in Late Summer
  • Abundant, Showy, Full-Size Flowers
  • Excellent Compact Variety
  • Fits Just About Anywhere
  • Nice Natural Hedge or Low Screen
  • Very Cold Hardy and Pollution Tolerant
  • Easy Care

No matter how large or small your yard is, there is sure to be a place for the big impact of the compact Dwarf Korean Lilac (Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’). These dwarf shrubs produce an abundance of showy, full-sized flowers. You’ll fall in love with their reddish-purple flower buds, lavender fragrant flowers, and even some fall color later in the season.

The flower power of this variety is outstanding. You’ll love the amazing spring Lilac blooms held on tidy trusses, and the light rebloom later in the season.

This petite shrub is so versatile and will suit many different garden applications. Use in a modern foundation, as an accent or specimen. It makes a fantastic low hedge or mass planting. You can even grow them in large containers!

It can squeeze into those spots that might be too tight for other plants. If you have a small garden, you need this little plant that delivers a big show.

Everyone knows you plant Lilacs for their scented blooms, and the pale, purple display put on by Dwarf Korean Lilac really shines. It boosts the spring interest in your landscape.

Dwarf Korean Lilac is a perfect choice to add to a Lilac collection, as this Korean variety blooms a bit later than French Hybrid Lilacs. Include both Korean and French Hybrid Lilac varieties and extend your fragrant slice of heaven by several weeks!

Dwarf Korean Lilac features lovely clusters of full-sized showy flowers. This deciduous shrub has so many blooms, it appears more violet than green in the spring. Sometimes in later summer you may see some sporadic rebloom, certainly enough to make you pay attention.

This is a flower making machine! Fragrant blooms cover each of the branch tips. The flower bud color is darker purple. As they open, they age to a beautiful lavender color.

Stock up on pretty vases and use the blooms in cut flower arrangements. They will perfume your nightstand or entry hall.

With ruffled foliage that is dark green on the top and a lighter green underside, you’ll enjoy this cutie as a solid green screen all throughout the growing season. Although, strictly speaking, this is not a plant noted for having fall color, we can tell you that we have seen fantastic reddish-purple fall color on Dwarf Korean Lilac.

If you are a Lilac fan, of course you need to add a few Dwarf Korean Lilacs to your garden. Think of it as a gift to your family and friends, neighbors and to yourself.

It looks great with other Lilac varieties or as a statement plant all by itself. Enjoy the captivating sight and scent of traditional Lilac in a right-sized package. Order today!

How to Use Dwarf Korean Lilac in the Landscape

Whether you live on several acres, or a tiny urban lot, you’ll find a spot for the elegance and beauty of the Dwarf Korean Lilac. It can be used as a single specimen or grown in a long, low hedge row with many others.

Any way you choose to use it, you’ll love this compact plant. Jazz up a side yard or extend it into the front yard as a friendly green fence along your property line.

To create a continuous screen, plant them 2-3 feet apart. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next. These plants are exceptional natural flowering hedges.

Line a patio seating area, or pop several in a planting bed nearby to create height and give a bit of screening.

Use this as a modern take on foundation plantings. It won’t grow tall enough to obscure the view from most windows. Edge the foundation bed with smaller evergreens, like Sprinter® Boxwood, to present a fun and polished look to the world. Instant curb appeal, and what a nice way to welcome guests in spring.

Dwarf Korean Lilac also thrives in large containers. Place them in your sunniest spots and show off a bit!

Mass plantings multiply the impact of this fragrant favorite. Use a zig-zag planting plan, and place plants every 2 to 3 feet. Mulch between the plants and keep the new planting weeded. You’ll be amazed at how effective this can be. And local butterflies will help decorate your yard, too!

Repeat these as accents plants throughout a mixed border. They’ll make specimen plants when planted all by themselves. Growing naturally into a lovely rounded ball, try one on either side of your driveway! Or, plant a single plant in the lawn for a focal point.

Dwarf Korean Lilacs are commonly used on commercial sites because of the great flower display, fragrance, and nice size without needing lots of maintenance.

With looks and strength, the Dwarf Korean Lilac thrives in a wide range of conditions. It’s ideal for urban gardens since it doesn’t mind pollution, and it’s cold hardy, so it lasts through chilly winter nights. It performs best in partial to full sun with regular watering. It has become one of the most useful landscape plants because of its size and the show of color and fragrance it has to offer.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This wildly floriferous Lilac variety needs a sunny, well-drained spot in your yard to knock your socks off. Add additional soil in a mound 18 to 24 high if you suspect poor drainage. You can plant directly in that mound.

Give young plants a moderate amount of water, carefully checking on the condition of the soil to get them established that first growing season.

Poke your finger in the soil up to the 2nd knuckle. Is it starting to get dry? Time to water! Is it still moist? Skip watering that day.

Likely, you won’t need to prune this naturally rounded shrub much at all. If required, first let the plant bloom in May. Then, just as soon as the flowers are done, prune the tips as needed.

Only prune Lilacs right after the flowers are done blooming. Pruning later in the summer, fall, winter or early spring before they bloom in spring will only remove the flowers that would have bloomed in spring.

Once the plants get a bit older, do a renewal pruning. Each year after bloom, remove the oldest stems to the ground. You’ll leave nice young shoots in place. This practice done every few years will keep your plant healthy and stress free and blooming like a fool.

Sunlight is crucial for the best bloom. Plant in sun for the best performance from your Dwarf Korean Lilac flowering shrubs.

Order these incredible, compact Lilacs today and enjoy!

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